Jeffrey H. Caufield, M.D.

General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy

It is a story we’re all pretty sure we know. On a fateful day in Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald—working alone—shot President John F. Kennedy. End of story. Or is it? In General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New Evidence of a Radical-Right Conspiracy, author Jeffrey H. Caufield explores the forces which led Oswald to be in Dallas that day. Unlike many theorists, however, Dr. Caufield applies acquired academic methodology in rigorously researching the story through public records, private correspondence, and a number of sources not available to the general public until the Freedom of Information Act released them.

Caufield explains that when President Kennedy relieved Major General Edwin A. Walker of his command in Germany in 1961, he (Kennedy) started the chain of events that would lead to his own death. In June 1963, President Kennedy proposed his sweeping Civil Rights Act bill that would abolish the sacred Southern institution of segregation. In response, the segregationists threatened a second Civil War that culminated in the murder of JFK. Working with a who’s who of fellow right wing radicals (including some of the most powerful military and political leaders of the time), Walker was in the forefront of a plot to assassinate a large number of people in power positions in both government and industry. This plot, masterminded by Walker, evolved into a plan to assassinate President Kennedy and made Oswald an unwitting pawn in one of our country’s greatest historical mysteries. Meticulously researched over 25 years using documents from the National Archives, the FBI, and other archival sources—along with extensive personal interviews—this book presents a massive amount of new evidence. Never before has there been such compelling proof of the involvement of the radical right and General Walker in the murder of the president.